Month: October 2016

Don’t sell your gold to gold buyers! Use Pawn Offer Calculator Free!

Often people think that pawnshops want you to lose your gold so they can sell it, but in reality they would rather you pick your gold up so they can collect their fees and interest, set by laws in your state. Use a free pawn offer calculator to know how much to get first. Pawnshops aren’t a scam. The fact is you can’t sell a 2-gram pair of 14k earrings at 24k spot price per ounce when gold goes up in value, but you sure can pawn them. Bullion and coins pay much closer to gold value when you...

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Pawn Shop | How do they work? | Instant Pawn Estimate Now

A Pawn Shop is a businesses that offers loans to people for merchandise. When the loan is repaid merchandise is returned. Yes, better sources of credit exist, like low interest credit cards or personal big bank loans, but a huge portion of the population is left out and sometimes need to borrow money for unexpected expenses. Pawn shops are regulated by federal and state laws and are monitored by the police department to ensure that things reported stolen have a chance at getting back to their owner. At a pawn shop, interest rates can be higher than those of traditional lines of credit, but still much lower than PayDay lenders who charge outrageous interest charges in short periods of time and can usually only lend you $250 and collect your bank account number, credit, and job information. In most cases a pawn shop can lend you as much as you need, the name of the game is collateral, no credit required! The obvious advantage of going to a pawn shop is that you can bring something and get instant cash. The other is that you can borrow money without credit and keep your merchandise in the end, if you plan on coming up with the money to repay the loan of course. Pawnshops usually lend you money for 3 – 6 months, depending on the store’s policy and state rules. You can renew...

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Pawn Prices – Pawn iPhone 7 or any other cell phone at your local pawn shop!

Your local pawn shop is taking in electronics as collateral to extend a loan more than ever before. Know pawn prices before you pawn with our free consumer pawn shop item value calculator. To pawn a cell phone should be fairly easy as long as your cell phone has a reasonable used value to where pawn shops can re-sell it if you don’t pay back your loan. You can use Pawn Offer calculator free to to determine how much you can borrow against your cell phone (or any other item and know an approximate amount of interest you’ll likely pay too. As you may know one of the biggest factors that determines pawn shop prices offered to you, is the phone’s carrier status; it could be locked, blocked, or black listed. An unlocked phone has much more value because a user can connect it with almost any cell phone carrier on a compatible network. For the most part, pawn shops are licensed and regulated, and will usually lend you the right amount of money you need at interest rates lower than payday lenders with more time to pay your loan back, to ultimately get your phone back. Other things that pawn shops consider before lending you money against your cell phone are item condition and settings accessibility. Condition should be good with little wear. All the buttons should properly work. And...

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