Month: December 2016

PS4 Pawn Shop Value | How to pawn your PS4 or PS4 pro for the most cash | Use a free pawn value estimator!

  Most pawnshops will pawn a Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro! If your local pawnshop takes in electronics for pawn, you can bet they take gaming consoles too. A PlayStation 4 holds its used value pretty well since it’s made by a reputable brand (Sony) and is always in high demand. Gamers love their […]

Pawn Shop Price Estimator | In 3 Steps | It’s that easy!

Ever wonder how much money you should get when you pawn something? How much interest pawn shops should charge you? What pawn shops are near you and which ones you can trust? Consumer news alert!! is your friend in the pawn business! Step 1! Know how much to get before you pawn and get the […]

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