Month: January 2017

Calculate pawn shop interest by state free!

Ever heard of a Pawn Shop Calculator? Well you’ve come to the place to be, before you pawn something. See our main menu to calculate pawn shop interest. It’s that easy! Get an instant pawn quote & visit our Ultimate Pawn Guide to know what the heck’s going on. This Blog Post is a resource of links to pawn shop interest rate laws by state. Please check with your local pawn shop to confirm their pawn shop interest rates and fees as this page is for informational purposes only and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please leave comments if you want to share a link or offer a correction to this nation-wide pawn shop interest resource. Best of Luck, Alabama Pawn Shops (a) A pawnbroker may contract for and receive a pawnshop charge in lieu of interest or other charges for all services, expenses, costs, and losses of every nature but not to exceed 25 percent of the principal amount, per month, advanced in the pawn transaction.  Alaska Pawn Shops Sec. 08.76.210. Finance fee. (a) Except as provided in AS 08.76.280, for each 30-day period of a pawn transaction, including a grace period, a pawnbroker may charge a pledgor a finance fee of $5 or an amount that equals interest at a rate that does not exceed 20 percent of the amount financed, whichever amount is greater.  (b) A finance fee is...

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Pawn Shop Value Estimator

Pawn Offer Calculator is a pawn shop value estimator free to consumers. Check the pawn shop item value of almost anything instantly… before you pawn. You too can get an idea of how much pawn shops pay you if you’re planning on selling or pawning with a pawn shop. Pawn Offer Calculator estimates a loan amount range for your items. To get a pawn quote, just enter your item’s description with any of our three instant pawn shop calculators. You can find our Pawn Quote Calculator at the header menu and/or footer of any page throughout this site. See instructions below to make the best of your next visit to your local pawn shop. Use it over and over, it’s absolutely free. No signup, middleman, or registration required to get a quote! General Merchandise Tips To get a more accurate pawn value estimate enter a full description or the make and model of your item in to the general merchandise calculator. The Make and model of your pawn item can usually be found next to the serial number on the information label adhered to your item. If you don’t know where to look or don’t see the label, you can enter a detailed description in to the calculator. When PawnOffer calculator searches online for item prices, it then returns a free, real time pawn value estimate. If your item...

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Pawn Estimates – 50 different things to get Quick Cash at pawn stores open near me!

\ Get instant pawn estimates for 50 different things to get Quick Cash at pawn stores open near you! Do you agree that pawn shops sometimes low-ball you? When you visit a pawn shop you probably need some cash in minutes; waiting around just isn’t an option. The thing is, you sometimes wonder how pawn shops determine their pawn value estimates or how to pawn and buy savvy. First, you should keep in mind that pawn shops will only offer a portion of your item’s value. Pawn loans are stress-free in the sense that they do not require you...

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Pawn Shops Open Near Me | What’s the #1 thing I should do before I pawn something? | Use Pawn Offer Calculator Free!

  How valuable are your valuables?   Pawn shops open near me? If you’re thinking about pawning something, you probably need the money right away. The only thing is, when you go to a pawn shop you get the feeling that you’re being ripped off or low-balled. Pawn shops sometimes have bad reputations since they charge interest and they only offer a portion of your item’s worth, and that, well, feels like shit. But that’s the name of the game.   How do pawn shops determine value you ask?   Well.. pawn shops can only offer a portion of...

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Pawn Value | Pawn an Engagement Ring

So you want to know the pawn value of an engagement ring? The first thing you should consider is the reason you want to pawn it. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, you may want to sell it. If you’ve experienced a break-up and want to part with the ring, most pawn shops pay you slightly more to sell your jewelry outright. This option may help forget the baggage that comes with your engagement ring. If you need to hold on to the ring, pawning is a great option to get a short-term, non-recourse loan. Non-recourse means...

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