Month: February 2017

Pawn Loan Calculator for Any Pawn Shop | Know how much to get now!

Are you looking for a pawn loan calculator for any pawn shop? Then you’ve come the best place to be. Our pawn loan calculator will determine your item’s value and tell you how much interest you have to pay before you pawn something. This means you go in to your local pawn shop better informed and ready to pawn like a pro! This is how our pawn loan calculator works: Enter Make & Model Enter the State you live in Enter how many months you need Your results will include a range and average of your item’s pawn shop value. And calculate interest depending on how many months you need and the average loan amount for your item. It’s that easy! For Gold & Diamonds: Jewelry Calculator Enter item weight Select metal Select purity Your state How many months you need While general merchandise is calculated through an online search, the jewelry calculator estimates your item’s pawn value based on current market prices updated daily. As you can see this resource is something every consumer should know about. Help us spread the word by sharing or liking one of our pages and telling people about our free pawn loan calculator. Remember to pay attention to the terms of the loan and how much time you have to pay back. Ask for promotions and expect great customer service, no matter...

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Pawn Shop Gold Calculator | Pawn Loan Calculator Free!

  Need an instant pawn quote? Then use Pawn Offer’s Pawn Shop Gold calculator Free! To use our free pawn shop gold calculator click here. First weigh your item and enter weight in grams. You can figure this out with any gram scale or have someone do it for you i.e., Staples or the Post Office or something. Get creative. Then select the type of metal your jewelry, coin, or bar is made of. Pawn shops generally only take these three metals, but find a pawn shop, call them, and ask so you don’t waste time. For gold, select 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, or 22kt. Most jewelry is made of 10-14kt. Or chose platinum or silver. This will determine the percentage of the metal’s purity. The more pure the more cash on your pawn loan. Last, select the state you live in and how many months you need for your pawn loan. Pawn loans can range from 1 to 6 months or more. The interest rate can also vary depending on where you are. Check with your local pawn shop or state laws for more info about this. Then Just hit Submit! The pawn shop calculator will estimate a Pawn Offer, and low and high offer for your valuables. You can enter diamond information together with your metals pawn quote. Or use the diamond section on its own. Up to you! Please see...

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