Month: April 2017

Pawn Shop Price Calculator | Nearest Pawn Shop | Know your worth!

Want to know the secret behind pawn shop prices? Use a free pawn shop price calculator. Knowing how pawn shops determine prices is key to getting a good deal at a pawn shop near you. Use the only consumer pawn calculator free by selecting the pawn calculator or jewelry pawn calculator on our menu. Consider this when visiting your nearest pawn shop: 1) The item’s re-sale value This is probably the most important variable in determining pawn shop prices. Do pawn shops take in electronics? Yes most do. Do pawn shops take in jewelry & diamonds? Yes most do. For electronics and general merchandise, pawn shops search online for average prices, mixed with percieved demand online and in-store for your item. Concerning jewelry & diamonds, pawn shops check current stock prices of precious metals and stones. Compared to general merchandise, pawn shops pay you a higeher percentage of the item’s value. 2) Depreciation To understand how pawn shops determine pawn shop price, we have to make a distinction between jewelry and general merchandise. The rule of thumb is general merchandise depreciates almost always – and gold, platinum, and silver go up and down in value unpredictably. From the pawn shop owner’s perspective betting on pawn loans can be quite risky. Keep this in mind and expect about 30-60% of your item’s resale value because the pawn shop does consider depreceiation. 3) The...

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Value Pawn Items Free | Pawn Shop Calculator | Know your worth!

Ever wonder how much your stuff is worth after you’ve bought it, used it, and sometimes ignore it? I know the feeling.. Value pawn items free! We’re driven emotionally when we purchase the luxuries of life. And when we need money we contemplate what we’ve spent; instant gratification doesn’t feel so satisfying after-all. Know your worth and value pawn items free by selecting a pawn shop calculator on the menu of any page. If you need money today your local pawn shop is great to sell and get loans against your valuables. Your instant pawn quote is seconds away.. And it’s free. After you’ve tried it and have an idea of what to get for your item, here’s a small list of things you’ll need to sell something at your local pawn shop and/or get a pawn loan. Things you’ll need: Valid ID -required by law -not expired Your collateral -has to be worth something -should be in working condition -should be nice and clean -any accessories, manuals, or packaging always helps Provide address and phone number -current address -phone number to reach you by Sign the pawn or sale contract -pawn loans are easy loans -if you default there is no credit penalty -they just keep your stuff -instant cash pawn or sell You may be in a situation where you don’t need money for an emergency but it’s good...

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