Do you know how to negotiate with a pawn shop?

If you’re planning on going to your local pawn shop to get a loan, you’ve probably tried several tactics to increase the amount of money a pawn shop offers you. But do you really know how to obtain the best deal at a pawn shop? To do this, you have to negotiate. Negotiating with a pawn shop can be simple if you know what to do.

In this article you’ll quickly learn some basic negotiating tips. Then we will see how you can apply these tips when negotiating with a pawn shop near you. But first.. What if you go to a pawn shop and don’t negotiate?

Why should you learn to negotiate with a pawn broker?

When negotiating with a pawn shop you’re either getting cash or buying something. In this article we will focus on getting cash from a pawn shop. And if you don’t think you can get a great deal when buying from a pawn shop, stay tuned for negotiating tips when buying from a pawn shop.

You should learn to negotiate because a pawn shop can give you instant cash if you chose to get a pawn loan against your merchandise or you sell. But to get the cash you want, you may have to negotiate.

The art of negotiating with a pawn shop starts by realizing you aren’t negotiating if someone hasn’t disagreed. So start with a good ask, and if they agree.. Great! You’re done! If they don’t agree, follow these 5 steps:

Tip 1 - Know how much to ask for!

Start by asking for the amount of money you want based on the actual used value of your item. To do this, search online or use our free pawn calculators now.

If you plan on asking for a loan, pawn loan offers usually range between 30-50% of an item’s used value, and 75-85% of your jewelry and diamond wholesale value.

If you plan on selling your item to a pawn shop, buy offers usually range between 40-60% of an item’s used value, and 85-100% of your jewelry and diamond wholesale value.

Tip 2 - Add a buffer to your desired amount!

Once you know how much money you can get from a pawn shop, add 10-20% to that amount to start your negotiation reasonably high.

Tip 3 - Don’t ask in ranges!

Don’t give ranges; uhh ‘I want $100 to $200 dollars.’ Guess what the pawn broker will say? Yup! You guessed it, $100.

Tip 4 - Pay attention!

Be observant of the pawn broker’s emotional state. You can influence this by being polite, understanding, and don’t forget to smile. Negotiations generally go better when it doesn’t feel like a battle. It should feel more like a compromise.

Tip 5 - Relax and ask the right questions!

The need for instant cash to cover your bills can be stressful, but relax before you negotiate. If you’re anxious you can’t think straight and you’ll likely be influenced by your emotions. Moreover, a pawn broker is likely to be weary of someone that appears to be highly stressed. Reduce anxiety by being prepared.


Negotiating with a pawn shop doesn’t have to be so scary. With a little knowledge and a calm head, you could walk away with a higher loan or buy amount.

I hope this guide helps a little to get you a better deal at a pawn shop and please share our posts and calculators with your friends and family to help this site grow.

Thank you!