Most pawnshops will pawn a Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro! If your local pawnshop takes in electronics for pawn, you can bet they take gaming consoles too. A PlayStation 4 holds its used value pretty well since it's made by

Ever wonder how much money you should get when you pawn something? How much interest pawn shops should charge you? What pawn shops are near you and which ones you can trust? Consumer news alert!! is your friend in the pawn

Are you in need of a short term cash loan for your iPhone? Then you should know you can pawn iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, & iPhone X for cash at your local pawn shop. A pawn loan is a short

A Pawn Shop is a businesses that offers loans to people for merchandise. When the loan is repaid merchandise is returned. Yes, better sources of credit exist, like low interest credit cards or personal big bank loans, but a huge portion of

What’s most important when negotiating with a pawn shop? The pawn offer. Pawn shop’s lend you money against your goods. They then collect interest on the loan, and the loan amount, so you can get your item back (check your state