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Are you in need of a short term cash loan for your iPhone?

Then you should know you can pawn iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, & iPhone X for cash at your local pawn shop. A pawn loan is a short term collateral loan for cash that generally does not require a credit check. Most pawn shops just require a government issued ID and collateral to get a cash loan. When you pay the loan back, with interest, you get your iPhone back. Interest for the pawn loan is usually lower than PayDay lenders or Car Title Loans.

Note: Please do your homework to know how much money you have to pay back.unknown

Now the iPhone..

You need to make sure your iPhone is unlocked and has the iCloud account removed from the phone. I also recommend backing up the phone before removing your iCloud account and password. This will make it easier for shops to sell if you don’t pay back the loan and will keep your private information safe. Not to say that pawn shops will search your phone. They shouldn’t until the iPhone becomes their property if the loan is forfeited.

To get the most cash at a pawn shop for your iPhone it should be in relatively good condition, meaning the condition should be good enough to where they can re-sell it easily and get their money back.

Generally this means free of scratches, especially on the screen, and free of dents. All components like camera and buttons should work. And charging and audio ports should work right too.

Another tip to get the most cash for your iPhone is to bring the original box.

This way it facilitates the sale if you don’t pay back your loan and it keeps your item safe if you do get it back. If you don’t want the phone you should probably be selling the phone and most pawn shops will pay you more if you sell it, instant cash with receipt!

You could also consider selling your iPhone for cash on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist to name some examples. And if you rather sell your item visit to get the full used value of your item. But if you want to keep the iPhone you should pawn it.


Currently (Nov 20, 2016) this is how much cash pawn calculator estimates you can get from a pawn shop for these phones/model numbers

Pawn iPhone 6 16GB MG562LL/A – $137 – $91

Pawn iPhounknown-1ne 6 64GB MG5D2LL/A – $169 – $113

Pawn iPhone 6 16GB MG542LL/A $128 – $85

Pawn iPhone 6 Plus 16GB MGCV2LL/A $163 – $109

Pawn iPhone 6 Plus 64GB MGD22LL/A $147 – $98

Pawn iPhone 7 – $296 – $298

Pawn iPhone 7 Plus – $513 – $342

Pawn iPhone 8 – $513 – $342

Pawn iPhone X – $513 – $342

In a nutshell, you can get a fast and easy loan with competitive interest rates, to those of other lenders, for your iPhone 6 at a pawn shop.

The newer the phone the better because it has more value. A pawn shop will still have to evaluate your item’s condition and can loan what ever they want, or not take the item in at all. But most pawn shops these days give cash loans for electronics all the time. Remember to bring your ID and plan on giving some info, no credit check required.

Pawn shops are great to do business with if you understand how they work.


First know how much cash you should get. Then search for a pawn shop location near you at for free. Know the interest rates of the loan you are agreeing to and plan to get the iPhone back out.

Best of luck!


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