macbook pro sells for $2799 on Ebay

Sell It $1511

Pawn It $1008

Low Offer $756

Do pawn shops take macbook pro ?

Pawn shops take almost anything of value! Obtaining a pawn shop loan is just a matter of going to a pawn shop with your macbook pro and a valid ID. Most pawn shops can either loan you money against your macbook pro or they can buy it from you.

How do you get the most cash for macbook pro at a pawn shop?

To get the most cash, your item should work properly and have any neccessary accessories. Keep in mind the item will be tested and evaluated before any cash his handed to you. They will likely search your item online to find it’s current resale value and inspect the item to make sure it works and looks good enough for resale (incase you don’t pay back).

How does pawning macbook pro work?

A pawn loan is a collateral loan. Pawn shops don’t check your credit because the loan is guaranteed with the item you bring as collateral. You’ll need to repay the loan with interest and/or fees before you can reclaim your item out of pawn. Interest rates on pawn loans are usually less than payday or car title loans, and you’ll get a few months to pay the loan back. If you don’t really want your item, consider selling it to the pawn shop for a little more cash. Compared to selling it on the street, pawn shops are generally safer environtments and you get a receipt.

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