Pawn Prices – Pawn iPhone 7 or any other cell phone at your local pawn shop!

Your local pawn shop is taking in electronics as collateral to extend a loan more than ever before. Know pawn prices before you pawn with our free consumer pawn shop item value calculator.

To pawn a cell phone should be fairly easy as long as your cell phone has a reasonable used value to where pawn shops can re-sell it if you don’t pay back your loan.

You can use Pawn Offer calculator free to to determine how much you can borrow against your cell phone (or any other item and know an approximate amount of interest you’ll likely pay too.

As you may know one of the biggest factors that determines pawn shop prices offered to you, is the phone’s carrier status; it could be locked, blocked, or black listed.

An unlocked phone has much more value because a user can connect it with almost any cell phone carrier on a compatible network. For the most part, pawn shops are licensed and regulated, and will usually lend you the right amount of money you need at interest rates lower than payday lenders with more time to pay your loan back, to ultimately get your phone back.

Other things that pawn shops consider before lending you money against your cell phone are item condition and settings accessibility.

Condition should be good with little wear. All the buttons should properly work. And the screen should be scratch free and not broken. Additionally a pawn shop can’t lend much on cell phones that have an active iCloud account connected to it or don’t have the administrator password because they will not be able to delete the phone to resell it in case you don’t pay back.

You could consider selling your cell phone on eBay if you really don’t want or need it and visit if you would rather sell your item. but if you decide to pawn it, make sure to pay attention to the pawn loan contract, and, that you can pay the loan back to get your phone back.

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