Pawn Shop Loans 2017 – Quick guide & pawn loan quote calculator!

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If you are reading this you probably either are associated with the pawn industry or need a local short term cash option. Pawn shop loans have been a great resource for thousands of years and people still seek out fast cash from pawn shops on a regular basis.

Pawn shop loans start by having a pawn broker evaluate your item in person.


There are plenty of online guides, but you will still need to have your item evaluated for a pawn loan in person. The best thing to do is use our pawn loan calculator first, then search for a pawn shop location you can trust.


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You’ll have to pay back the pawn loan amount with interest in order to get your item back from the pawn broker.

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So negotiating a higher amount sometimes can work to your advantage because you’ll end up paying lower interest fees when you return. I would only ask for a higher loan amount if I really needed the money.

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If you already are contemplating not returning for the item, most pawn shops will buy the item instead. Usually for a little more fast cash.

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Pawn shops are regulated by law enforcement and most won’t circumvent procedural things since they depend on their pawn license or permit to continue doing business.

Once you sign the pawn loan agreement you will be responsible for paying the loan back with interest, however if you don’t, pawn loans are not reported to your credit report. Defaulting simply means you lose your stuff, also known as a non-resource loan.


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A pawn broker really can’t offer more than 40-60% of your item’s value because of overhead and depreciation. In some cases high end items, like jewelry, diamonds, and gold, can get you a higher percentage of the item’s value. In any event negotiate!

Negotiating with a pawn shop shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating. Be polite and ask the right questions. These two questions will give you a ball-park estimate of where to start negotiating.


  1. Where are you searching to learn my item’s resale value?

  2. What percentage of the item’s value are you offering me?

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If you decide to get a pawn loan you still have a little work to do. Service the pawn shop loan.

This means keep track of how much time you have to pay so you don’t lose your item in pawn. Pay attention to any additional late fees that could be charged and know how and where you can make your interest or redemption payment. If they offer some sort of rewards program, accept it and learn how to benefit the most from it, even if it’s a dollar at a time.

If you need a pawn shop loan today use our free consumer item value calculator then search for pawn shops free.

No middle man or waiting!


Know your worth and have a great day!



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