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Pawn Shop Price Estimator | In 3 Steps | It’s that easy!

Ever wonder how much money you should get when you pawn something?

How much interest pawn shops should charge you? What pawn shops are near you and which ones you can trust?

Consumer news alert!! is your friend in the pawn business!

Step 1! Know how much to get before you pawn and get the most cash!

At you can use Pawn Offer Calculator by entering your item’s description and you’ll get an instant pawn quote. That pawn quote will include a loan amount range and average.

Pawn shops generally lend 30 to 40 percent of an item’s resale value and you should always research before you pawn so your mind can be at ease.

The important thing is that you research your item’s current resale value before you leave it as collateral at a pawnbroker.

Step 2! Know how much interest you have to pay for a pawn loan.

When you use Pawn Offer Calculator, all you do is step one! An approximate interest in dollar amount and percent will display together with your item’s value(s).

What Loans cost you  can vary depending on locations because pawn shops compete like any other business. Just remember, their are limits set by federal and state laws that you could easily research on your own.

You should search for pawn shop regulation online by state so you can see that the pawn shop industry is highly transparent and highly regulated. In many cases the interest rates you pay for a cash loan at a pawn shop will be much less than that of other short-term lenders.

Step 3! Find a reputable pawn shop that offers interest promotions and great customer service.

Once you are well informed you can search’s pawn shop directory to find pawn shops in your area for free. Contact pawn shops and ask questions directly, no middle man or waiting.

Like any other business most pawn shops poise themselves to give their existing and prospective customers good customer service. Don’t hesitate to call pawn shops open near you and ask questions about step 1) Your item’s pawn value and step 2) how much in interest and fees will you pay to get your item back.

ask for interest promotion and Don’t be afraid to compare what unique thing each pawn shop  has to offer.

You can create a free account below if you have any questions, want a custom pawn offer on our blog,  or want to leave a pawn shop a review. All this free!

My goal and the theme of our pawn guide is to teach honest people more about how pawn shops work and when and how to pawn. Please remember.. know how much to get and how much to pay before you pawn to get the most cash on your loan.

Then find a reputable pawn shop open near you that offers promotions and good customer service.

I hope this guide has helped you decide if a pawn loan is a good option to meet a short term cash need.

And Always.. Best of Luck!

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