Pawn Shops Open Near Me | What’s the #1 thing I should do before I pawn something? | Use Pawn Offer Calculator Free!

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How valuable are your valuables?


Pawn shops open near me? If you’re thinking about pawning something, you probably need the money right away. The only thing is, when you go to a pawn shop you get the feeling that you’re being ripped off or low-balled. Pawn shops sometimes have bad reputations since they charge interest and they only offer a portion of your item’s worth, and that, well, feels like shit.

But that’s the name of the game.


How do pawn shops determine value you ask?


Well.. pawn shops can only offer a portion of your item’s value since they have to re-sell the item and make a profit if you happen to forfeit the loan. They research the item for sale online in its current condition and offer you an amount that secures the pawn loan while leaving room for profit in case you don’t return.

Yeah you only got $100 for a PS4 Pro that sells for $200, but pawn shops have to run a business and pay their employees.
And they have no emotional attachment to the items you bring in.

The good thing is you get instant cash and you’re in control since you can get the item back and in most cases pawn loans are less expensive than a payday loan.

Pawn shop loans require no credit check and if you default it’s not reported to credit bureaus and they don’t try and collect from your bank account.

They just sell your stuff. Plain and simple.

So what’s the #1 thing you should do before you pawn something?

 Use Pawn Offer Calculator free! It’s that easy!


You could spend hours of your valuable time searching the internet for online pawn information. But a pawn blue book well just doesn’t exist. Their are pawn price guides and pawn shop blogs online you could look for – or you could be better informed, go, and don’t waste time.

The truth is you still have to walk in to a pawn shop and have your item evaluated in-person by a pawnbroker. It’s not like a pawn shop item value estimator exists.

But Wait! One does!


Pawn Offer Calculator determines the pawn shop item value for you and gives you an estimated interest amount you’ll likely pay against the item you search.

A pawn price guide is a thing of the past. gives you a good idea how much you will get if selling to a pawn shop too.

You may have to pay your light bill or car insurance I know, and waiting around just doesn’t make sense; the problem is.. your problem just can’t wait. And you’ll most likely rush off and will have to negotiate unprepared once you walk in the door because an item’s condition is subjective; what seems good to you may or may not be so good to someone else. In 2017, the percentage of an item’s value that a pawn shop pays you can vary depending on how a pawn shop near you operates and what they accept.

Pawn shops usually accept jewelry, coins, electronics, and almost anything of value.

And with an instant pawn quote you have a place to start negotiating from, fast.

Whatever item you decide to get a pawn loan against, the trick is to have a good idea of what to get before you begin to negotiate. You can virtually check your item’s pawn value seconds before you walk in the door of your local pawn shop, even if you pawn on Sundays.

Once you use the free Pawn Offer Calculator at, you may be wondering..


How to find pawn shops near me i can trust?


Search for pawn shop locations with the newest and coolest pawn shop directory at

Remember to look over the terms of the loan for interest rate(s) & fees, and pay attention to the length of time you have to pay back.

Ask for promotions and always demand great service!

Best of Luck!


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