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Diamond Tips

If you want to pawn an engagement ring use these instructions to get a pawn estimate fast. The diamond calculator can be used on its own if you have loose diamonds or you know the specifications of your stones.

First, select your diamond's shape, then the 3 C’s

A. Select Diamond Carat Size

You can find this information on your jewelry’s certification. If you don’t have this you can roughly estimate and measure these specifications here. Once you have measured the diamond’s carat size proceed to the next step.

B. Select Diamond Color

Diamonds can range in color graded from letter D to Z. If you don’t have your jewelry’s certification. Check the chart below. Colorless and Near Colorless Diamonds are quite rare so try and use a loupe or magnifying glass under good light.

(Source: Clarity ranges from D to Z. Average color J-N.

C. Select Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is determined by the number of inclusions you can see within the diamond. Simply stated, inclusions are specs or scratches found within the stone. See the chart below and compare with a loupe or magnifying glass.

(Source: Clarity ranges from Imperfect to Flawless. Average being VS-SI.

And lastly, count the number of stones on your jewelry and enter size or carat weight. If you have different sized diamonds group them  separately, then count the total in each group and use the diamond calculator individually per group.

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