PS4 Pawn Shop Value | How to pawn your PS4 or PS4 pro for the most cash | Use a free pawn value estimator!


Most pawnshops will pawn a Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro!

If your local pawnshop takes in electronics for pawn, you can bet they take gaming consoles too. A PlayStation 4 holds its used value pretty well since it’s made by a reputable brand (Sony) and is always in high demand.

Gamers love their consoles and pawn shops trust you will go back and get it.

A PS4 Pro sells new for $349-$399. And a used PS4 sells for around $200 with the recent release of the Pro version.

Pawnshops generally lend 30-40% of an item’s used resale value and will probably offer you $70 to $80 dollars for a used PS4 and $100 to $150 dollars for a used PS4 Pro when left as collateral. Additionally, you can include games and/or accessories with your PS4 to increase the loan amount.

Check out’s Pawn Offer Calculator for a real time pawn quote with interest.

I recommend you wipe the PS4 before pawning it incase you don’t get it back and to protect your privacy. You can find instructions on how to reset your PS4 here.

You will have sometime to repay the loan and get your PS4 back.

Pawn shops generally give you 3-6 months to pay back your loan with interest. Remember you should consider selling the PS4 if you don’t plan on having the money to get it back. Pawn shops usually buy things too and you get paid on the spot. If you do pawn it, you’ll probably pay $14-$20 in interest for the loan, to get your PS4 back from the pawn shop.

Find a reputable pawnbroker in your local area at and only do business with pawnshops that offer you a fair amount of value for your collateral and provide excellent customer service to your satisfaction.

Look for promotions and take advantage of first time customer offers, as pawnshops operate with the same standards that retail and big banks operate with.

Know the terms of the loan and best of luck!



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