Ultimate Pawn Shop Guide 2017!


There was a time not too long ago when the only way to know how much a pawn shop will lend you was to walk in to a pawn shop and ask.

Today, you wouldn’t buy something anywhere without knowing how much it costs or where you have to go to get it, so why pawn without knowing how much to get first?

The past decade or so almost every pawn shop has established an online presence, mostly in the form of a store website. In turn pawn shop information online, like blogs and quirky ventures, also sprung up as more and more people go online first before they engage almost any retailer. In today’s age, the average consumer is more likely to research what they want to do or accomplish before they shop online or do business. And that behavior transcends to any retailer – even banks, payday lenders, and most definitely to pawn shops.

In 2017 you can now know how much to get and how much interest you’ll pay before you pawn!

You wouldn’t watch TV in black & white, or agree to work without knowing how much you’re getting paid would you?

Go to pawnoffer.com to use Pawn Offer Calculator and enter a make and model number or a description of your jewelry to get an honest idea of what to expect.

Don’t spend time searching online when you can know the pawn value of your item instantly. Search iPhone 7 or Playstation 4 Pro for example, it’s that easy. Try it yourself:

Remember pawn shops operate by the interest they collect on the pawn loan and want you to redeem your item.

But because they run the risk of you not returning, they have to offer only a portion of your item’s used or new value to protect their investment of money, time, and other operating costs. In other words, it’s in the pawn shop’s interest to write that loan so long as they can protect their investment (their cash). Also, keep in mind that compared to payday lenders and car title lenders, pawn shops usually cost you less.

To get the most cash these are things that you should pawn in 2017:

Pawn the Latest Electronics and Tools     Pawn Gold     Pawn Diamonds

Pawn Jewelry     Pawn Musical Instruments or Audio Gear

Pawn iPhone     Pawn Television     Pawn Silver     Pawn iPad Pro

Pawn Sony PS4 Pro     Pawn Xbox One     Pawn MacbookPro

Pawn iMac    Pawn MacBook Air     Pawn Microsoft Surface Pro

Pawn Antiques     Pawn Canon Camera     Pawn Nikon Camera

Pawn Watch     Pawn Beats     Pawn Samsung Phone

Pawn Pixel XL     Pawn HP Pavillion     Pawn Lenovo Ideapad

Pawn Dell     Pawn Acer Aspire     Pawn LG

Pawn Makita     Pawn Milwaukee     Pawn Casio Mudmaster

These are some only examples of items that are easily flipped by shps if you default, and pawn shops will lend you more for them.

You can search almost anything with Pawn Offer Calculator.

In 2017 pawn shops are also taking in designer items like LV purses and high end shoes for example, so don’t hesitate to be creative when looking for an item to pawn as collateral to get the cash you need.

The greater its resale value the higher the loan amount.

And if you absolutely don’t know what to do or what to pawn, you can ask an experienced pawnbroker free at pawnoffer.com.

Another great tip is to be informed about your item and how it works.

If you want to pawn a guitar for example, and you don’t know how the buttons or knobs work, or you want to pawn a computer and don’t know the password or account settings, a pawn shop will probably low-ball you or not take the item in at all.

Trust is a major component in getting a good loan and a fair pawn offer; if you own it you will own the pawn offer too.

Pawn shops don’t want stolen merchandise and should not take stolen items in, because it’s forbidden by law, and they will always be weary of this so don’t even try it (stealing either).

With so many great things that 2017 has to bring, don’t be shy to liquidate what you have to start anew or get a loan at a pawn shop to meet a short term need or start a business.

Be aware of the interest you have to pay and plan on getting your stuff back.

Don’t be afraid to ask for interest promotions or customer rewards programs to optimize your pawn shop experience as well.

Have a great DAy and be money smart!

Best of Luck!


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